Nursery News 10.4.20 Good Friday

Here is a very simple explanation for the children about Good Friday. The children often look at , and handle our class crucifix, they have also seen the large crucifix in church, they find it interesting and often ask questions about the nails in Jesus’s hands and feet. We remind the children…

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Bouncy Mr Springer!

Do you remember when Paul Cookson visited our school? This was one of the poems he performed for us - have a read and see if you remember the actions!

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A special request for our wonderful NHS

Hello again 6E,

I have a very special request...As you know lots of nurses and doctors are staying in Hotel Football, so that they can keep going to work and to keep their families safe. This means that not only are they working tirelessly, to help patients with Covid 19, but they are having to…

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Nursery News 9.4.20

Here is a VERY simple explanation of the Last Supper. In class we always share some fresh bread and some juice, we pass it round and the children each take a piece. This would be a way that the children could remember the story we had shared about Jesus. If your children do draw a picture of them…

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Hello Year 5M

Hello Year 5!

I hope you are all safe and well. It feels like a long time since we were together and I’m very much looking forward to getting back to normal and being with you all again.

I’m sure you are all beginning to get used to the changes that have occurred. I’ll tell you about what my…

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There's a Crocodile in the House!

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Hello Year 4

Please click here for a letter from Mr Smith

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Hello Year 2

Please click here for a letter from Mrs Danby

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Class 1B

Dear Theo, Ava, Marley, Niamh, Andreas, Will, Fletcher, Patryk, Grace, Oscar, Sapphire, Jakob, Seb, Orla, Darcie, Alex, Leighton, Luciana, Eden, Lois, Dominic and Kleo!

I am missing you all so much! Mrs White and I can't wait to see you all back at school, I hope you are using your time off to…

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Home Learning note to Parents

Dear Parents/Carers


Last week Mr Mountcastle put a few extra links on the home learning page of our school website. One of them was White Rose maths which has provided daily maths lessons for each year group. This looks good and it provides a worksheet to go with the lesson. I can see that…

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Reception Parent Letter

Please click on the link for the letter /files/parent_letterhome1.doc

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A little message to the Reception children

Hello Children,

We just wanted to say Hello and that we miss you lots.  We really can’t wait to see you all again but we are sure your Mummies and Daddies are just fabulous teachers and that you are having lots of fun at home.  We have put some special Easter activities on the Blog too so maybe…

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