29 April 2020

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Hi Year 4,

It’s me again! Can you believe it’s been a week since I last wrote to you? I think the weeks go fairly quickly, do you? Quiz question: The title of this letter is ‘Hello Again’, can you name two artists/bands that had a song with this as the title? I want to know the artist/band and the year the song was released. There will be a prize (when we are back in school) for the first person to answer correctly.
Send any answers to; smitha@st-hughlincoln.trafford.sch.uk 

My week has been very much the same, I’ve been into school and we had a go at the orienteering course, which was great fun. We are definitely going to be doing some orienteering when we’re back at school. It’s a fantastic lesson for developing your geography and PE skills. Have any of you completed an orienteering course before? 
I’ve continued going for my 5K runs, which I should be going on today but I’m going to leave it until tomorrow. I noticed that a few of our Y6 children have completed the 5K challenge, this is where you run/walk 5K, donate £5 to the NHS and then nominate 5 people to complete the challenge. What a wonderful way to show your support for our amazing NHS. I would love to see some of you have a go at this. If you do please let me know, with a picture!!

Hope you are all continuing to manage to get through some school work. As I’ve mentioned before keeping up with your reading is very important, maybe ask someone in your house to write you some comprehension questions to go with the book you’re reading. Have any of you managed to read Escape from Pompeii? If you have what did you think? Did you enjoy it? Again let me know your thoughts by sending me an email. The Literacy Trust have just released a free e-book that might be worth a read, you can find it at;


It’s also important that you continue to focus on your maths work, especially the four rules of number and your times tables. Has anyone made a volcano yet or found out about the Anglo-Saxons? Remember you can email me any pictures, videos etc. I thought one activity you might like to have a go at is to write a letter to yourself about our current situation, being in lockdown. Once you’ve finish your letter put it in an envelope and write on the front ‘Not to be opened for 10 years’, then put it somewhere safe and you’ll have an ever lasting memory of these strange times.

Until next week, take care of yourselves and your families. Stay safe and keep smiling!

See you all soon, lots of love Mr Smith & Mrs Walker xx 

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