9 May 2020

Image of VE Day Celebrations!

Hi Y4,

Sean and Dylan really brought history to life this week with their VE Day Celebrations. As you can see in the pictures they made some Union Jack bunting and had a street party in their garden, while listening to war time music. They also wanted to find out more about what their family members did during the war. Nana Manford worked on planes, including working on the engine for the Lancaster Bomber. They set up a Zoom meeting so they could interview her about working in the war and learned about the VE Day celebrations. The boys also wanted to know what it was like for children in the war so they wrote to their neighbour who was 9 when the war ended. She wrote a lovely letter back to the boys telling them all about her experiences. The lads really did bring history to life. Well done lads!


Posted by Mr Smith

Category: Year 3K