14 May 2020

Image of Hello from Mrs Walker!

Hi Year 4,


Hope you and your family are all managing to keep safe and well. I have missed seeing your smiley faces and all the staff.  It is great to see some of my friends each Tuesday but not being able to hug them is tough!

I have been coming into school every Tuesday and we have been planting in the raised beds as well as planting herbs in milk bottles.  Lots of generous people donated seeds and seedlings. It’s nice to check on them each week to see their progress.  You could just slice a tomato and cover it with compost, then watch the shoots appear. Ours have and I’m excited to see if they produce tomatoes in the months to come.

I started off so well with daily exercise, walks or bike rides, I’ve not been on a bike in many years. I’ve struggled to keep up with them and need to push myself to get back on my bike as I have discovered some beautiful rides near the river Mersey, that I didn’t know about. I’m hoping to keep these bike rides up when we get back to work.  I have lived in the same house for 22 years and never been on these beautiful rides! It just shows how we take things that are on our doorstep for granted.

In my house I am lucky to have my husband, daughters and brother-in-law. We have tried to keep ourselves busy gardening, painting fences, baking, exercising, playing board games and watching TV.  My husband and brother-in-law are working from home and my daughters have been doing Uni work online so I have been cooking meals and keeping house so I can’t wait to get back to school for a rest!

Grandchildren! where do I start? As you know I always talk about mine so I’m finding it tough not being able to hold them in my arms.  When they are out on walks they sometimes divert and go past our house.  I always put their chairs out at the end of my drive with treats on so we can safely chat. It makes my day and I’m counting down the days when I can have them sleeping over. Don’t think I’ll stop hugging and kissing them!

Each day I ask myself what I am grateful for. This helps me stay positive in these difficult and unusual times. It would be lovely to hear from you on what you have been doing whilst away from school.  My school email is walkerw@st-hughlincoln.trafford.sch.uk.  


 Missing you and look forward to seeing you all in the near future (Bet you have all grown up!)

                                                              Mrs. Walker xx

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