Hello Everyone!

How are we all? I hope you've all had a relax over the half term as I know you have all been working very hard with your learning.

Now the lockdown rules have been relaxed a little bit, I have been able to have a social distancing walk on the meadows with my friend which I enjoyed in the sun although it isn't as warm has it has been. Last night, I was the Quiz Master on zoom and put together a quiz for my family which was great!

Don't forget to email me with what you have all been up to - fbraithwaite@st-hughlincoln.trafford.sch.uk

I spoke to lots of your parents on the phone and they were able to tell me what you have been up to it was so lovely to hear :)

Theo has got a new addition to his family, it's a gorgeous puppy called Remi!

Dominic and Lois were able to tell me lots of facts all about Florence Nightingale, Niamhy is doing fantastic in her spellings each week and Ava has been playing on her trampoline practicing gymnastics!

This weeks home learning is continuing with the heroes theme looking at Mohandas Ghandi and the storybook Supertato which is a book I know you all will really love! Remember to make sure you spend some time each day doing some learning, the home learning is great as it gives you a bit of a timetable to help you. Make sure you keep me updated with your hard work - it's amazing to see all of your different pieces of work.

Keep going year 1 - you are all SUPERSTARS!!!

Lots of love from

Miss Braithwaite and Mrs White xxx